March – April Weather Classes

Hi everyone!

I’m looking forward to starting a new adventure…teaching about one of my favorite subjects, the weather! As I’ve been putting together the class, I’m planning on having some time each week to talk about the current weather and relate some of the topics covered in class to the actual weather. That shouldn’t be too hard in March! I’m also looking at having a fun forecasting activity each week, which also could be interesting this time of the year.

My goal is to have a fun, engaging class that will hopefully lead to some good thinking about an area of science that really crosses a broad spectrum of interests. Meteorology is a crossroads of so many subject areas, so I encourage questions all of kinds…even if it’s not specific to our topic of the week.

Speaking of topics, the first session will be an intro to how weather works. I have some fun facts and visuals to get the students thinking about the drivers behind the weather we see and feel everyday. This will also lay the foundation for the next few weeks. I’ll talk about the ways we track weather an introduce you some tools I use everyday in my job of forecasting the weather. By the way, forecasting is the main topic for week 4, and no, we don’t use a dart board. 🙂

If you have any questions about these classes, don’t hesitate to email

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