Upcoming Class Opportunity!

Severe weather season is upon us and I have a new opportunity for students to get prepared for some of our most memorable weather in Sioux Falls!  My latest workshop is on the topic of thunderstorms, one of the most asked about areas of weather and a personal interest of mine.  If the topic of thunderstorms perks your students interest, I still have openings for my latest weather workshop.

We’ll cover the basics of how a thunderstorm develops and what goes into a thunderstorm forecast.

I am also gathering some new data looking back at  South Dakota’s record-breaking hail storm in 2010 near Vivian, south of Pierre.  We’ll put on our thinking caps on as we look back at the weather conditions from that day, including a look at 3D radar to find nearly volleyball size hail!

We’ve been covering lightning in our current week of classes, but there’s much more to uncover about the science of lightning and how to stay safe during every thunderstorm this summer.

As always, feel free to contact me at karstensclasses@gmail.com for more information about this class!

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