1 Day Space Weather Class * August 17th

A new 1 day class announcement…and this one is out of this world! 🙂
Many of you are getting ready for the big solar eclipse on August 21st. While Sioux Falls won’t have a total eclipse…it will be the closest we’ll see in years!
To get prepared for the event, I’m going to have a one day special space weather class. We’ll talk about the eclipse and how it happens. The cloud cover forecast will be VERY important that day, so I’ll share some web resources that help astronomical activities! I have some other fun space weather items too…including sprites and elves! And no…these have nothing to do with Christmas or soda pop!
When: Thursday, August 17th
Class 1: Ages 7-10, 2pm- 3:30pm
Class 2: Ages 10+, 4pm-5:30pm
If these classes fill, I may offer again August 18th.
Where: Faith Fellowship Baptist, 57th and Minnesota.
Cost: $10 per student.
To register, please email the name of the student(s) you’d like to sign up, their ages, and which session you are registering for, to karstensclasses@gmail.com. As always, parents are not required to come, but are welcome to attend with their children!

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