Learn More About Our Workshops

Meteorology is a fascinating area of science that affects everyone everyday. After all, we all talk about it, but how much do we understand about it? I wanted this to be a place for students to come to get first hand explanations of weather phenomena without getting lost in the complexity of the science.

Each workshop contains a video segment about 10 to 20 minutes long on a particular subject area. I’ve hand picked a number of illustrations including maps, charts, pictures, and videos to help explain each topic. I encourage students to watch the videos more than once to really grasp the material.

Below the video, I’ve picked a few review items for the students to read. I have also picked a few lab ideas sprinkled through the workshops as a way to add some hands-on science to the mix. These labs are totally optional, but I like to add material that I think may be helpful to understanding a particular concept.

Each workshop topic will conclude with a review section at the bottom of the page. I usually include around 3 review questions about the topic. This helps provide some accountability to both the students and the parents as you progress through the workshops. I welcome any input into this process as I build future workshops!