Weather 101 – 1 Year Access

Weather 101 – 1 Year Access

$49.00 $29.00


Weather 101 is designed as a foundational tool for learning about weather. The 6 main learning topics included in this workshop are:

-The Elements of the Sky From Top to Bottom!

-Why and How Air Moves-Part 1

-Why and How Air Moves-Part 2

-Drivers of the Water Cycle

-The Life of Clouds

-Precipitation Types

Each topic has subtopics for a total of 20 video workshop segments!  I have also designed review questions at the end of each topic that are automatically graded. The material is designed for middle/high school age students and up. You’re never too old to enjoy learning about this fascinating science! Nearly 5 hours of video content included!  Have fun learning about how weather affects us all!

PLEASE NOTE: You will have access to the material for 1 year from date of purchase. 

BONUS: With your purchase of Weather 101 – 1 Year Access, you will also be able to join our facebook page just for subscribers, where you can post your weather questions and have access to weather discussions!



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