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 TORNADOES 101:  JUST THE FACTS  Length: 12:14                            Workshop 2: 

Explore the world of tornadoes and discover what makes them of the unique topics in weather.  This workshop channel includes a detailed narrative from “Tornado Tuesday” and my personal experiences covering the largest single day tornado outbreak in South Dakota history.  You are sure to learn a few things and new workshops will be added soon!

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Gardeners and farmers know the importance of weather and how trends over a growing season can make a big difference how our plant respond to our variable weather in the northern plains.  This channel is designed to educate you about the variety of tools available to monitor the impacts of weather on our plants.  We’ll also learn about the elements of weather that directly our climate in the northern plains.

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Many of us are no stranger to severe weather.  From damaging straight-line winds to hail and floods, there are many forms of severe weather.  Find out the ingredients and causes behind each mode of severe weather and learn about how meteorologists forecast these various forms of severe weather.

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If you are looking for some basic weather knowledge, this workshop channel explores the essential elements of our atmosphere and basic weather terminology.  I have several valuable workshops here that will useful in building your knowledge of weather patterns described in the other workshops.

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