Workshop Syllabus:

Lesson 1: The Elements of the Sky From Top to Bottom

Topic 1The Invisible Properties of AirIn this lesson, we’ll dive right into basic properties of the atmosphere and the behavior of gases.
Topic 2Layers of the AtmosphereThe atmosphere is separated into different layers. We look at them and investigate the important functions of each.
Topic 3What’s in the Air?We’ll explore the composition of the atmosphere and how these gases affect life on earth.

Lesson 2: Why and How Air Moves-Part 1

Topic 1Air DensityThis lesson will apply some basic laws of physics to explain the nature of air including the influence of temperature
Topic 2High and Low PressureWe’ll apply air density to the real world application of high and low pressure systems on weather maps.
Topic 3The Sun and EarthThe sun drives all the power behind the weather and it does so in a number of ways. We’ll explore a few of them!
Topic 4The Seasons ExplainedSummer, Fall, Winter, and Spring are all unique and we’ll examine the weather characteristics of each.

Lesson 3: Why and How Air Moves-Part 2

Topic 1The Basics of WindThe forces of wind are felt more on some days than others. We’ll discover the causes of wind in this lesson.
Topic 2The Jet StreamHidden high above is a river of air known as the jet stream. You’ll learn why it’s so important to driving our weather.
Topic 3 Coriolis EffectThe spin of the earth drives the spin of weather systems and I’ll explain how is works in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Drivers of the Water Cycle

Topic 1Fronts ExplainedFronts are basic features to most weather maps. This topic will explore the types of weather associated with each one!
Topic 2Water Cycle BasicsThe water cycle is critical to life on earth. From evaporation to precipitation, you’ll learn the main features.
Topic 3Ocean CyclesOceans are big drivers of weather and long term weather cycles. We’ll discover the main influences.

Lesson 5: The Life of Clouds

Topic 1The Mystery of Latent HeatLatent heat and the properties of water are critical to understanding the weather. This section is dedicated to that topic.
Topic 2Water in the AirThis lesson will explore the various ways we can measure water in the air and why it’s important in meteorology.
Topic 3Cloud Formation 101The formation of clouds is an interesting subject and one that affects us all. You’ll see how it happens in this lesson!
Topic 4Cloud TypesWe’ll explore the names of the clouds and what they do in this fun lesson.

Lesson 6: Precipitation Types

Topic 1Overview of PrecipitationThis lesson the topic of precipitation and all the factors that are needed to form it.
Topic 2SnowJust as the names says, this one is all about snow and the fun facts behind its formation!
Topic 3The Others…This lesson discusses all the other types of precipitation including freezing rain, sleet, and hail.