My name is Brian Karstens, and welcome to weatherworkshops.com, a place to share my passion and interest for weather.  To begin, I’ll share a little bit about me.  My interest in weather began at early age when our family farm near Atlantic, IA experienced a terrible wind storm when I was 3. The scene of broken trees and damage made an impact and I was hooked! I grew up watching the weather all the time, especially storms. Anybody who grew up on a farm knows how important the weather is to agriculture, so we were never out of touch with the latest weather forecast!

I attended Iowa State University and graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology in 2000. For nearly 20 years, I have worked as a television meteorologist in Sioux Falls, SD.  My wife Heather and I homeschool our children and hope these workshops will be a helpful tool for students to explore science through the world of weather!

I created these workshops in a way to share my personal experiences of forecasting and living through all kinds of weather. I’ve chased and witnessed tornadoes up close, forecast numerous blizzards and ice storms, and have experienced devastating floods first hand.  My hope is the workshops here will provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for anyone with an interest in learning more about the atmosphere and how it works.

Oh, and yes that’s me in front a tornado! There’s a story behind that day, so be sure to watch for that workshop in the near future!

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